Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No road is without bumps

As expected not everything is perfect. This weekend as I was tapering the meds down the left leg has been protesting with new found vigor. It started as a gentle calf pain after a day of some serious walking. Initially thinking a sore muscle I dismissed it, then when the next day came I worried it was a DVT. However as any floor nurse will tell you, if it is aggravated by walking and relieved by rest, then likely DVT. However that is not the case. It is actually relieved (not entirely) by walking, and is worst when I wake up. As the next two days proceeded it went through the whole leg and left hip, not just the calf, so it is definitely nerve pain (sciatic).

This is very disappointing since that is the one thing the surgery was supposed to be damn good at relieving. I am assuming it is inflammation, and likely stemming from too much walking, or the new anatomy from the reduction pulling at the nerve. My hamstrings are tighter than I ever imagined; I only have about 20 degrees of upward motion. I can only assume the nerve is as well so that is likely the cause. Nonetheless the office is getting a call so I can figure out what to do--or not do. The appointment isn't until a week away, so that's a lot of time to damage it. I'm not terribly concerned though. Since there is no sensory deficit there is likely no damage, just irritation. And it is relieved by the current pain management regimen so I can live with it for now.

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