Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another year goes by!

When I first started learning about the condition I ran into several folks who shared their experience. But often times, suddenly they "disappeared." This left me wondering what the true outcome was and what the future holds. I'd like to prevent repeating this conundrum of uncertainty, and for this reason today's post shall be written.

It has been 2 1/2 years since I was nearly certain my life would never be the same. Yet now, I wake up with no back pain, I go to sleep without it as well. While running a 10k last year I did feel a bit of discomfort in the first mile--and for that reason (perhaps unwise) I am going to stick with cycling instead of running--but this is likely unnecessary. I still finished it in the low 50's with hardly time to train, entirely pain free the rest of the run!

Last month I lifted a 280lb piece of machinery (granted, with some mechanical leverage), frequently lift the young ones, and generally pay no mind except proper mechanics. Standing? Zero issues. Walking? No problem. "Popping" in the back has all but disappeared, and it is seemingly a more distant memory these days. While still cautious; I have little worry.

Is it 100%? I have nothing to say otherwise. No pain meds, no limitations, no more follow-ups....
Now I am only reminded of it by the fading scars and not being able to touch my toes by an inch--though an inch taller! There are worse things indeed.

And an off topic comment more general to healthcare:

Doctors all start out with good intensions. Most continue their careers carrying those. Some have ambitions, some push innovation with a higher level of risk, some are all too agreeable to fads and including you in an unproven technique without full disclosure. Sometimes that can help, but more often it will not. Doctors are not all-knowing, and most certainly not infallible. Bear that in mind, do your own research, get multiple opinions from MD's/centers that frequently do these procedures. In regards to Chiropractors, I have my own opinion; and that is I generally agree with folks who believe in evolution, math, and repeatable studies that show statistically signfiicant long term outcomes. Weighing in on that information I found myslelf surprised that insurance covers their services.

For surgeons, today's standards are very high for these folks. The more educated you are walking in the better you will know your options. Search their name, their center, their outcomes (and what they consider a "good" outcome).

A proper fusion on a radiograph is not the sole criteria for success; return to a quality way of life with little to no pain/deficits, and being back to work does.

So for now that is all. No issues, no pain, no limitations! No doctors, chiropractors, physical therapy or anything else. 100%. Glad to live in this time; had it been 50 years earlier my active life would have ended all too soon.