Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Spondylolisthesis Blog Begins

What is spondylolisthesis? When I first heard about it, it was nothing but a complicated word. When my X-Ray report came back and I asked as to whether they found anything they said:

"They wrote that they saw spondylo...., it's nothing major, we're not sure why your back hurts, it is very common and probably isn't causing it, but you should go to PT."

That's what my primary doctor said. After seeing it mentioned on the X-Ray report, they said they don't know what is causing the pain and I should go see a specialist as they are out of ideas, and of course go to PT as that can only help.

I went to see wikipedia instead (why didn't they?!) and wouldn't you know it spondylolisthesis has the exact symptoms of what I am experiencing. As the first treatment was still PT that is what I did.

So lets take it back a little bit in time, what the hell is going on?
For me--it all started with this:

See the skidmark? That was the rear tire of my motorcycle when I highsided. I was tossed 6 feet in the air, landed on my left hip, felt my spine compress on impact (however one can describe that sensation), and other than a broken toe and some bruises I thought I made it out OK thanks to full leathers and a helmet.

What followed was some x-rays, and with the help of some painkillers I was actually able to finish off my vacation and ride the damaged bike until the week was over. I took out the insole out of my shoe so I can fit my swollen foot in there, and the percocet did wonders for the lower back pain so I could function and ride.

6 months later the broken toe healed, and the back pain had gone away, so I thought I was fine. Fast forward to a year after the accident and I was back out enjoying life, able to run, hike, walk, lift, play hockey...anything. In 2009 I hiked to the top of half dome, 17 miles, 5,000 feet of elevation change, 14 hours on my feet with just barely any aches and pains.

However after that hike it began to deteriorate. By  6 months after that hike: If I walk more than two blocks and I have to sit. If I stand 15 minutes, back to a chair. Forget running. I can still bike, I can sit in my chair all day, I can drive anywhere, and I can ride my motorcycle. But any walking, standing, running...and I am sent rushing back to a chair so I can sit and recover. 

I am 30. I am in great shape. Nearly everything I love to do involves either walking, standing, or doing such to get there. You don't know how much you walk until you can't...

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